Psst...this group prides itself in being a #judgementfree zone!

You Have the Power to Feel Confident & Supported

Pregnancy can seem overwhelming, I know. With so much conflicting advice, people with strong opinions, and no one really understanding your unique experience, it's anything but easy.

Inside Undefining Pregnancy, you'll find:

  • Community: Connect with others in the same stage
  • Trustworthy Resources: Access trustworthy resources on pregnancy & preparing for baby
  • Expert Support: Group calls with experts on subjects members choose
  • Deals & Shopping Guides: Deals on your favorite brands shared as they go live with shopping guides from seasoned moms


Want to feel confident about pregnancy & parenting without feeling judged?

Now you can!

By joining Undefining Pregnancy, you'll feel relieved and confident you're ready for all the excitement and anxiousness that pregnency brings.

  • Ask questions and get feedback from people who are where you are, and from others who've been there
  • Know you're surrounded by supportive, loving friends
  • Get expert and research-based advice, but without dogma! You get to parent your way; not everyone else's!
  • Leave no stone unturned, knowing you've set yourself up for success before baby even arrives

Here's What You'll Get

We want you to feel empowered throughout your pregnancy & 100% prepared before baby arrives. Sound too good to be true? It's not!

According to reports from the Harvard School of Education, 51% of mothers with young children report feeling "extreme loneliness." We're here to combat that. With this online group of supportive, like-minded mamas who will love you and not judge you, you can grow your village before baby even arrives.

While a supportive community is key to parenting happiness, it's not the only important takeaway. We want you to feel confident in decision-making, and having a hive mind you trust to sort through your parenting plans gives you just that. Plus, we offer research-based tips and tools, support resources, and expert Q&As to help you make the best choices for yourselves in all areas of pregnancy, labor, and early parenthood.

  • A supportive community that will become your village
  • Judgement-free friends to join you in your journey
  • Research-based articles, tips, & tricks to help you be an empowered patient & prepared parent
  • Expert discussions & Q&As on topics you care about and help choose!
  • Printable checklists specially curated by seasoned parents to help you through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Shopping lists of all our favorite products and brands. We've done the research so you don't have to!
  • Specialized resource recommendations for important subjects like birthing classes, nutrition, pelvic floor health, freezer meal preparation, and more!


Sneak Peak Inside

Want to know exactly what's inside? Here's what you'll see when you join Undefining Pregnancy!

New friends will greet you as you enter the community. See who's as far along as you are, who's in a similar location, and start building your village instantly!

After you sign up, be sure to check out our full welcome sequence so you can learn your way around. Then, for the fun part!

Simply input your phone number and receive a text message with the link to DOWNLOAD THE APP!

Now, you can keep up with your new best friends from the comfort of the communication tool you love most--your phone!

Next, check out the event calendar!

This is where you'll find our monthly expert events, which will usually be recorded Zoom calls.

It's also your social calendar.

And of course, you'll find fun little reminders, like our weekly check-in to learn how you're doing and make sure we're creating the best content to help you through pregnancy.

We've designed this community so it's YOURS, not ours.

This is about you, mama, and we want to be sure you're always getting what you need and want!

That's why you'll find regular polls popping up, so you can tell us exactly what you'd like to see more of.

Once we know exactly what you desire, we'll get to work making it happen!

Easily find what you need by visiting the "Topics" section! We've divided them by:

  • General Pregnancy
  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester
  • Pregnancy After Loss

These topics make it easy to find exactly what you want, when you want it!

Plus, get rid of the overwhelm! Not ready to pack a hospital bag? No worries! That information is where you need it - in the third trimester section!

Once you click on the topic that interests you right now, you'll find tons of resources.

We're here to build community, but also to make your life easier with information and suggestions you can trust, recommended by mamas who've been there!

Find links to helpful articles, shopping guides for the best of what you need, exclusive discounts on your favorite products, & more!


Meet the Founder

I'm Katy

I'm a Type-A mom who was totally overwhelmed trying to prepare for my son's birth. I was looking at a million websites a day, and information overload left me curled up on the couch, unable to make decisions, feeling like a bad mom already.

Even though many of my close friends had children, I felt so alone during my first pregnancy. No one was going through it when I was, and knowing what questions to ask and to whom was a nightmare.

No mom should ever have to feel that way!

Looking back, there's so much information I wish I'd had in one place, without the overload. More than anything, I wish I'd had community.

I'm giving you what I wish had been available for me. Join us to feel supported and empowered, trusting that you have a reliable one-stop-shop with your new village of friends!

Photo of Katy Huie Harrison, founder of Undefining Motherhood

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a community?

Research suggests that 51% of mothers with young children report feeling "extreme loneliness." And it makes sense.

We don't live in supportive villages, so we're creating one for you. Grow your community before baby arrives to have the network of friends you deserve when you need them most.

How will I get the product after I purchase?

You will receive an email with instructions for joining this tight-knit community.

Make sure to read the email carefully, watch the welcome video, setup your profile, and introduce yourself so you can start making friends fast!

What all comes with the purchase?

You'll get access to an online community where you can chat with other people going through the same life experiences you are. Read our general thread for advice from the whole community, or check out our subthreads to find people exactly where you are.

Inside our community, you'll also find links to articles, printables, and other resources to support you through pregnancy. And don't miss our expert guest speaker panels to answer all your burning questions!

How long will I remain a member of the community?

Membership is completely based on the timeline that works for you!

When you subscribe, you'll join on a monthly basis, meaning you can easily cancel anytime but continue your membership for the rest of the month.

And don't worry; we're not a gym. If you decide it's time to move on, you'll have an easy, hassle-free way to cancel your membership.

No hoops to jump through here!

How is this different from Facebook pregnancy groups?

1. It's carefully moderated by community members who receive compensation to keep it open minded and safe for you. Remember, we're about undefining! We want you to feel like you can do this journey your own way with support.

2. A more organized chat function. Our chats are carefully threaded so that you can find what you need and connect with the right people, while still having access to the whole hivemind.

3. More than just conversations! Resources, guides, article links, course recommendations, and monthly expert panels make this community extremely unique--and helpful!

A lot of Facebook groups aren't well moderated, so I don't know what I can trust. How will this be different?

I created this group, and the Undefining Motherhood website, in a quest to make it easy for you to find reliable information. In terms of trustworthiness, that's our #1 goal.

Part of having a PhD means I LOVE research and fact checking. I want you to be able to have casual conversations with other women experiencing the same things you are, but our team will also work to ensure you're always getting reliable information.

In terms of moderation, we have a team that will moderate the group, with clear rules up front.

What about privacy? Will people be able to see that I'm a member?

Our groups are completely private, so only non-members can see who other members are.

Unless someone has paid to be a member of the group, they will not know that you're a member, what's being said, or anything happening inside the group.

I haven't announced yet. Is it safe to join? What if I know someone in the group in real life?

One of the hardest parts of pregnancy is the first trimester, when you need so much support but are afraid to get it.

Our private group is a safe space for you, and we have clear rules that what happens in the group stays in the group. No screenshots, period.

I want to join, but I'm nervous. What happens if I experience a loss?

I've been there, mama, and so have many of our members. In the event that the worst happens, we'll remove you from the group (unless you wish to remain) and refund your money if it's less than 15 days into the month.

We'll also give you tons of resources and support. You deserve love during hard times, and we're here for it.

Do you offer refunds?

Because you will gain immediate access to the group and all it has to offer, there are no refunds on membership.

However, cancellation is easy and you can cancel at any time.

Join The Group Today!


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