Calm The Mental Chaos During Pregnancy

Do you feel like no one understands the emotions you're experiencing, and you just want support from someone who gets it?

You need this workbook so you can feel empowered in your pregnancy with the support of a mama who's been there!

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Here's what you'll get inside this FREE Guide: 

  • 4 exercises to help decrease your overall worry!
  • You'll love my secret-sauce strategy on Page 18 to help you shift your mood!
  • Monthly calendars to track your mood & monitor your progress!
  • Finally know how to impact your emotions, not be controlled by them!

Hey, mama! I've been where you are. After battling anxiety my whole life AND losing 4 pregnancies before ever having a healthy one, I thought I could never survive the anxiety of a full-term pregnancy.

But now I've done it twice, with a lot of therapy to boot. I'm taking what I've learned and compiling it into an easy-to-use format to support you through your journey.

I know it's scary, mama. But you've got this.

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