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A screenshot of reviews with a photo in the upper left-hand corner of a woman with long brown hair and a pregnant belly holding the Expecting & Organized Pregnancy and Newborn Baby Planner by Undefining Motherhood. The image shows 12 reviews, all 5 stars with one 4 star.
A review by Megan that says Arrived so fast and honestly WHAT A GODSEND.  This has literally everything and anything you ever need to know and make decisions on with regard to prepping for baby, labor and the first months with baby. For all first time moms, this is a MUST.
A review by Ayla that says It was beyond my expectations!   I’m so excited to use it and have it by my side through my pregnancy! Thank you so much!
A review by Chloe that says This was everything I was looking for and will always gift this to friends in the future. I especially love the registry checklist that includes recommendations. Also love all the tips for after baby is here.   Super helpful and has helped with all of the overwhelming feelings that come with being a first time mom!
A review by Alex that says It was beyond my expectations!   I’m so excited to use it and have it by my side through my pregnancy! Thank you so much!
A review by Josephine that says Absolutely perfect!   I am a planner and love lists, and having checklists has been so very helpful with reducing anxiety and feeling like I might forget something!
A review by Nancy that says As a first time mom I was overwhelmed by all things baby, birth, and motherhood. I was skeptical about how helpful this planner really would be, but WOW my expectations were beyond exceeded! The baby registry checklist alone made purchasing this planner worth it.   I’m am going to buy one for my fellow first time mom friends!

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Want to relax and enjoy pregnancy knowing you're totally prepared for this mama thing?

Now you can!

With Expecting & Organized: Pregnancy & Newborn Baby Planner, feel relieved and confident you're ready or baby by having your best new mama friend sent straight to your mailbox. It's beautifully bound with helpful tabs to help you navigate different parts of pregnancy with ease.

Leave no stone unturned, knowing you've set yourself up for success before baby even arrives.

This planner is receiving five star reviews from happy mamas across the globe. Here's just a glimpse of the praise it's receiving.

  • "I am obsessed! Pregnancy after loss has been stressful and full of anxiety - this planner gives me peace." - Kimberly
  • "A list lover's dream! Not only does this have checklists for every step of pregnancy and getting ready for baby, it is so informative! It gives you reasons you would want to do certain things and why certain items may be useful! Definitely the best pregnancy purchase I have made!" - Sammie
  • "Everything I didn’t know I needed to know!" - Carlie
  • "The honest version of What to Expect When You're Expecting meets Erin Condren." - Cyndi
A mom named Blair gives this pregnancy and baby planner 5 stars, calling it a planner for a planner. She says she thought she was prepared until she got this comprehensive planner and realized all she was missing. Now she feels a million times more prepared.
Sarah gives this pregnancy and baby planner 5 stars and says it's so comprehensive. She says it was a faith purchased after recurrent miscarriage and it makes her feel so relieved and organized. She also says it's the first gift she will buy every friend having a baby.

Here's What You'll Get

We live in a noisy world. You know what I mean, right? Everyone tells you what you need for baby, the advice conflicts, and you don't know what's necessary and what's not.

It's time to stop the noise. Mamas deserve better.

This planner is the BEST way to have an effective, trustworthy plan to know you're as ready for baby as you can possible be. Treat yourself to some mama self care before the little one arrives--you deserve to enjoy this journey.

From the essential checklists to ensure you have what you need when you need it to the down and dirty on what to expect during labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery; here’s a glimpse at all the goodness you will find inside:

  • What to expect during delivery no matter how you deliver
  • Sh*t no one tells you about recovering after birth – we care about caring for you, mama!
  • Exact gear & items you need for baby – including our favorite brand recommendations and pro tips
  • Brilliant ways to get organized before baby by creating useful stations around your house, making freezer meals, handling all the boring paperwork, and more
  • Know exactly what to pack in your hospital bag using our 2-bag system
Photo of Expecting and Organized Pregnancy and Newborn Baby Planner
Blonde pregnant woman sits in chair with laptop
  • How to be an empowered patient to have a good pregnancy and birth experience
  • Ideas for involving family and friends so they can actually help
  • Step-by-step plan to ask for and accept help when you need it – and you will need it
  • All things mental health so you never feel alone & know exactly where to turn if you need help
  • Tips for bringing a baby home from moms who've been there – including resources on diapering, feeding, sleep, and more

Stop Googling and Start Feeling Relaxed!

I know, I know, it seems impossible to relax when you have reflux, you can't sleep, and a human is pushing your organs around and stealing your oxygen. But didn't you always dream of enjoying this time as magical?

Let's embrace some of the magic.

With Expecting & Organized, you'll know you have EVERYTHING ready for baby without having to worry, look at a million product reviews, or go down a Google rabbit hole.

Trust the mamas who've achieved success with this planner.

Feel "a million times better" knowing that you've covered "everything you didn't know you needed to know!" Experience "peace!"

I couldn't make up this praise if I wanted to. I'm jumping for joy over how much women are LOVING this planner. And you can be the next one!

Want a sneak peak inside? You know I can't say no to you...

Here's a preview of just the beginning! And if the beginning is this good, imagine what's to come!

Photo of pregnancy and new baby planner opened to pages showing a baby registry checklist
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages about what to expect at prenatal care appointments
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner showing pages about becoming infant CPR certified and doing the paperwork necessary for maternity leave
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner with pages open to a hospital bag packing checklist and a page showing what to expect in early labor
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to a page about how to choose a pediatrician with an organizational page for writing down contacts
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages that show a birth plan template and information on being an empowered patient
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages that talk about postpartum mental health
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages that talk about mom and baby stations and freezer meals to prepare
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages talking about ways to build a support system by outlining tasks that can be delegated to friends and family
Photo of pregnancy and new baby planner open to pages that talk about traveling with baby and provide a packing checklist and a diaper bag checklist
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages that talks about infant sleep and common sleep regression timelines
Photo of pregnancy and baby planner open to pages that talks about infant sleep and common sleep regression timelines

Get your best mama friend (in planner form)!

There's so much to think about to prepare for a new baby. And let's be honest. Just knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

  • Is it really possible to be prepared for childbirth?
  • How can you get your doctor to take you more seriously?
  • How do I know if I am having postpartum depression or anxiety?
  • What if you come home and have no idea what to do?

Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Mama, I've been there! Let’s ease the learning curve and get you started down the path to being confidently prepared for baby.

I was so overwhelmed by the "logistics" of pregnancy and new baby planning that I couldn't see straight. I was Googling everything, freezing from information overload, and so overwhelmed I just wanted to skip it all.

 A photo of a woman with a testimonial underneath from Carlie saying that this pregnancy and new baby planner helped her get organized and feel confident in her ability to prepare for baby

Choose Excited Over Exhausted

Imagine feeling confident, prepared, and able to put your energy into the things that bring you joy.

Now you can

Mama's like you are loving our pregnancy & newborn baby planner

Photo of woman named Cigi saying how much this pregnancy and new baby planner has calmed her and helped her feel prepared for baby
Photo of woman named Amy with a quote about how this pregnancy and new baby planner helped her get organized and prepared for baby

Mamas like you are loving our pregnancy & newborn baby planner

Let's take a closer look to see how Expecting & Organized is your go-to guide for preparing for baby!

Checklists to keep you organized

Each section starts off with a reference checklist to help you stay organized. Plus, there are checklists included throughout the planner to guide you through some of the most overwhelming parts of planning.

  • Baby Registry Checklist: Everything you need and nothing you don’t, divided into categories for easy use, with product recommendations from moms who have been there. 
  • Hospital Bag Packing List: Feel confident in all you need to take to the hospital using our 2-bag packing system
  • Administrative Details: This isn’t the fun stuff but it’s the stuff that is often overlooked. We lay it all out so you don’t miss a beat - like preparing for maternity leave and getting baby’s birth certificate
  • Postpartum Recovery List: All the things no one tells you are necessary for postpartum recovery, divided by c-section and vaginal birth
 sheets of paper spread out in a fan pattern showing different types of checklists in the pregnancy and  new baby planner

Trustworthy information to prepare for medical care

We walk you through all the details you want to know.

Find out . . .

  • When to expect appointments & what will happen at each of them
  • What YOU want out of the labor & delivery experience
  • When to go to the hospital for spontaneous delivery & what to expect during all types of birth
  • How to advocate for yourself to have the best possible birth experience

Guidance on taking care of baby

Tips and recommendations from moms who have been there. This information will help you make decisions on:

  • What feeding option is best for you - breastfeeding, formula or a mix
  • Getting baby on a schedule, sleeping through the night, and handling sleep regressions
  • Which diapering method you prefer - cloth or disposable

Get Expecting & Organized now so you can focus on becoming the mom YOU want to be!

Meet the Author

I'm Katy

I'm a Type-A mom who was totally overwhelmed trying to prepare for my son's birth. I was looking at a million websites a day, and information overload left me curled up on the couch, unable to make decisions, feeling like a bad mom already.

No mom should ever have to feel that way!

Looking back, there's so much information I wish I'd had in one place, without the overload or opinions of full books. Or friends. Or family. SO MANY OPINIONS!

Expecting & Organized: Pregnancy & Newborn Baby Planner is EVERYTHING I wish I'd had.

It's tons of useful, research-and-experience-based insight in a format that's gorgeous and easy to use!

I missed out on enjoying pregnancy because it was so overwhelming. Don't be like me! Let me help you!

Photo of Katy Huie Harrison, founder of Undefining Motherhood

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this planner help me if I want to do a lot of my own research?

Absolutely! We make recommendations to make your life easy, but we support your decisions as a mom. This is geared to help you whether you rely on us entirely, or just use the resource to help you stay educated and organized.

How will I get the product after I purchase?

The planner will be mailed directly to your home!

Just enter your address at checkout, and make sure you include an email address so we can send you a tracking link.

What all comes with the purchase?

You'll get a thorough, gorgeous planner with all the information you need to prepare for pregnancy, postpartum, and having a newborn.

We love all your choices as a mom, so the information is diverse & works whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding, cloth diapering or disposable. We have it all!

How long will it take to go through the planner?

Go at your own pace and pull the planner back out when you need it.

It's meant to be used as needed over many months during pregnancy & postpartum.

Once you're familiar with all that's in it, you can grab it as needed.

How is this different from other pregnancy planners?

It's an organizational tool, but it's also an educational one! It's not just calendars and checklists; it's everything I wish I had known when I was expecting.

Can I purchase this planner as a gift?

Of course! This is the BEST gift for a pregnant mom! Just put in her address at checkout and shoot her a note that it's on its way. Or order it to your home and give it to her yourself!

Do you offer refunds?

You'll love this product, but if you don't, you can get a full refund for up to 7 days after purchase.

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If you're not happy with the contents of your purchase, email us within 7 days for a full money-back guarantee!

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