Baby Registry Checklist

Are you ready to stop feeling so overwhelmed by creating your baby registry?

If you want to feel confident you have everything you need and nothing more, then look no further. This is not your standard not your everyday list, but it should be! Get the checklist that's helped over 1,000 moms feel relaxed and prepared!


Here's what you'll get inside this FREE baby registry checklist:

  • Essentials for nursery + sleep
  • Diapering must-haves (disposable + cloth)
  • All things feeding (breast, bottle, or both!)
  • Health + safety needs
  • Gear to keep you sane
  • Essential soothing tools
  • Clothing you need, + what you DON'T NEED
Blonde pregnant woman sits in chair with laptop
Paper copy of baby registry checklist on shiplap background with swaddle blanket and elephant

Ready to become one of the thousands of happy mamas using this checklist?

I'm ready! Send it my way now!

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